RFID Camlocks

Digilock Camlocks provide ultimate locker security with the simplicity of an RFID card.

interface / body type

Digilock radio frequency identification (RFID) camlocks function by presentation of a valid RFID card. The interface also contains a key slot to operate locks with an ADA user key. Lock installations are easily managed with Digilock’s unique programming key and manager bypass key system. Digilock features:

  • All metal lock housing with integral turn knob and cam lever lock mechanism
  • Mifare and HID+Mifare card technology
  • Vertical body orientation
  • Audible and visual use indicators
  • 2-year product warranty



Security Level

Body Type



1 to 49

50 to 99


advanced security vertical body recess shared or assigned use Call for price
high security Call for price

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security level / latching

advanced security

Camlocks feature a cam/lever mechanism that engages the locker frame by manual operation of the turn knob.

use / functionality

assigned use

Permanent use locks are for applications where lockers are assigned to a single user. The user presents a valid RFID card to unlock and simply closes the door and turns the knob for locking.

shared use

Shared use locks are for applications where lockers are shared by multiple people. The user presents a valid RFID card for locking and unlocking. The lock retains no memory of the card, so it’s ready for the next user to present a different RFID card.

mounting / installation

recessed mount

Digilock RFID camlocks can be recess mounted in most locker materials. The front unit of the camlock sits semi-flush with the door surface in a routed space of the door.

specs / dimensions & instructions

drawings and dimensions

Shared Use
Advanced Security /Knob & ADA Lever
Assigned Use
Advanced Security /Knob & ADA Lever

quick guides

Shared Use
Operation and Programming PDF
Assigned Use
Operation and Programming PDF

video instructions

Shared and Assigned Use
Shared Use Instructions video
Assigned Use Instructions video
Camlock Interface Overview video
Key Initialization Guide video
Indicators & Maintenance video
Express Registration video

architectural specifications / word template

Digilock DCR-AP

Digilock DCR-AT

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